About Breast & Body Health

Breast and Body Health Inc., is a 5O1c3 non-profit organization residing at a Northern Region Location and a Southern Region Location. Side by side; Bonnie Bell and Natacha Graham work endlessly all year long to raise money through fundraising and donations to help men, women, and children with cancer. Breast and Body Health and B&B's Health Boutique's founder is a 4x cancer survivor. Ms. Bell knows what goes into caring for cancer patients since she has experienced it first-hand. Breast and Body Health Inc. collaborates with B&B's Health Boutique to bring comfort, care, and services to cancer patients. B&B's Health Boutique also provides cancer awareness, cancer prevention and education classes to youth 11-15 years of age and offer breast self exam training and proper bra-fitting classes. By partnering with area schools, we hope to decrease cancer rates, detect cancer earlier, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

Breast and Body Health Inc. is women and veteran owned.

Board Members

CEO and Founder
Ms. Bonnie Bell

President and Chair of the Board
Ms. Natacha Graham

Eric Bell
Karen Stewart

Jessica Allen

Bonita Chatfield
America Hernandez-Ortiz

Advisory Board
Bonita Chatfield
Tara Helsley 
Rhonda Sims

Mission Programs

DESCRIPTION:   B&B’s Health Boutique’s mission is to provide items such as help with medical services (i.e. prosthetics, bras that will carry breast prosthetic’s, wigs, co-pay help, deductible help, food help, hygiene items, bill help, education and when possible, housing help).

Our object is to serve our community by helping one person at a time.  If we can make a difference starting in our own community, then maybe we can make a difference in other communities.

Every year, thousands of people visit a shelter each night.  We would like to eventually provide financial support for medical services, job training and placement, telephones, showers, storage space and clothing. All services are provided free of charge. Currently we can provide soap, shampoo, & hygiene products.  If we pair with a local community health services clinic, we may be able to introduce, to those who need it, basic medical treatment.  This for us serves as a first line of defense and early detection for any health issues that may end up costing more should they be found later in their stages.

B&B’s Health patient necessity program will run each year at a cost starting off of a budget of $89,628.  This amount will be used to provide financial need; co-pays, medication, patient transportation, gas cards, meals at home, and any other assistance necessary.