Help us reach our goals by becoming part of the volunteer family!

Please fill out the Volunteer Applicaton below. Once a Team Lead reviews your form and has a spot available for you, they will contact you with information about your duties. Volunteering could range from event help to donation collection. You will also receive updates on upcoming events that are being held.

Volunteer Application

Breast and Body Health Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization that helps men, women, and children with cancer. In order to do this, all year long we are working on different ways to raise money so we can help. There are many little worker bee’s behind the scenes, and we want you to join in! Services are strictly volunteer, and may be before 10am and last until 10pm depending on the duty or event. We want to ensure your safety, so if you feel uncomfortable completing the task given due to health issues, please notify a board member.

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