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About Breast & Body Health

Breast and Body Health Inc., is a 5O1c3 non-profit organization residing at a Northern Region Location and a Southern Region Location. Side by side; Bonnie Bell and Natacha Graham work endlessly all year long to raise money through fundraising and donations to help men, women, and children with cancer. Breast and Body Health and B&B’s Health Boutique’s founder is a 4x cancer survivor. Ms. Bell knows what goes into caring for cancer patients since she has experienced it first-hand. Breast and Body Health Inc. collaborates with B&B’s Health Boutique to bring comfort, care, and services to cancer patients. B&B’s Health Boutqiue also provides cancer awareness, cancer prevention and education classes to youth 11-15 years of age and offer breast self exam training and proper bra-fitting classes. By partnering with area schools, we hope to decrease cancer rates, detect cancer earlier, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.